1. He changes his attitude towards you.

It’s as if he’s irritable all of the time at this point. Even the slightest thing in the relationship is enough to set him off and start an argument. He gets pissed off way too easily nowadays. It’s like he’s disgusted by being with you.You should also check  7 signs they’re cheating on you

2. He has grown distant from you.

You have somehow felt like he’s been slipping away from you. He’s been growing more and more distant with you. He doesn’t feel so accessible to you anymore.

3. He compensates his guilt by being uncharacteristically nice to you.

He is acting really nice to you. But it’s very weird and uncharacteristic of him to do so. It’s likely that he’s feeling guilty and he’s trying to make up for it by treating you a lot better than he used to.

4. He exhibits very unusual and unpredictable behavior.

He acts very weird whenever he is with you. He is like a different person now. It’s as if he isn’t the same guy you once fell in love with and married.You should also check  15 Signs He’s Cheating On You

5. You barely even see him around at this point.

He doesn’t really try to spend much time on you or your marriage anymore. He says that he’s been working late but you somehow suspect that that isn’t necessarily the case. You get the feeling that it’s so much more than just extra time at work.

6. He is so hard to reach or get a hold of.

He seems to be off the grid whenever the two of you are not together. He somehow manages to make it so hard for you to reach him whenever you aren’t in the same room.You should also check  This man found out his wife’s been cheating on him for 10 years – his reaction

7. Your instincts are telling you that something is just off.

Always learn to trust your gut. It’s there for a reason after all. Your instincts are there to protect you from yourself.

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