Annette Larkins from Florida is being called “the woman without years” or “the woman that doesn’t age”.

Annette has 70 years and she looks like she has 30! And it’s not exaggeration. She looks much more prettier that girls that have half her age. She has perfect health and feels like a 30-year old. How? Well, she claims she found the fountain of youth!

Her mother and grandmother died of breast cancer, her family for generations back is struggling with diabetes, but she has no health problems. Her husband looks like he is her grandfather and her sons are like her older friends.

The secret of her look hides in her diet. Larkins life motto is to let the food be your medicine. She wakes up every day at 5 am to work in her garden, she sews her own clothes, and despite the active life she leads, she is full of energy.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts… this is just a part of what she has planted in her garden. Annette is also a lifelong vegan and she believes that is the secret to her appearance. Just the right food and natural juices prepared by herself and consumed in large quantities.