A sample cardiac diet will show you exactly what I mean by healthy heart diet. A cardiac diet is one that will nurture your cardiovascular system and help your body stay healthy by not overloading your system with one type of food such as fat and salt.


Egg white omelet with mushroom and 3 oz mozzarella cheese

Fruit smoothie (great drink)


Julienne Salad

6 ounces light vanilla yogurt with 1/2 cup fruit


1 apple or pear and a granola bar


4oz Lean Strip loin with homemade marinade with Chow mein and mashed sweet potatoes

This is by no means a diet, this is a sample of the food that I eat and it is helping me to get lean and staying healthy by eating a balanced diet. I lost 20 pounds in 3 months with exercise and eating well.

I have always said dieting doesn’t work all you need to do is modify your current diet. A sample cardiac diet encompasses all major food groups but does not overindulge in any one type. If you need any more ideas feel free to drop me a line.

A sample cardiac diet is listed below what to eat versus what not to eat:

Eat this:


3 oz avocado 1 Tbsp Olive oil 1 Tbsp Canola oil 1 Tbsp flaxseed oil 4 oz Olives


3 oz boneless skinless chicken breast; 3 oz Fish and shellfish; 3 oz boneless skinless turkey breast; 1 Soy burger; 6 egg whites; 3 oz Ham slices; fat free 3 oz pork tenderloin; 3 oz red meat (lean top sirloin and lean flank steak); 3 soy cheese slices; 3 oz tofu; 3 oz tuna; 2 slices Turkey bacon; 1 veggie burger; 1 veggie dog


1 medium bagel whole wheat; 3 (3.6 oz) pancakes; 1 cup baked beans; 1 cup pasta; 1 cup beans (kidney, black etc.); 1 large pita (whole wheat); 1 bran muffin; 1 (2”x4”) potato; 2 slices Bread (whole wheat, rye, pumpernickel); 1 cup quinoa; 1 cup cereal, whole grain; 1 cup low fat refried beans; 1 cup couscous; 1 cup Rice (brown or wild);12 crackers; 1 medium sweet potato; 2 English muffins, whole wheat; 2 tortillas (corn); 1 cup hummus; 1 large whole wheat Tortilla; 1cup lentils; 2 whole wheat waffles; 1 cup oatmeal.

Dairy Products:

1 oz low-fat cheese; 1 oz Parmesan cheese; 1 cup 1% cottage cheese; 8 oz skim milk; 1 oz Feta cheese; 1 oz soy cheese; 1 oz Goat cheese, semi-soft; 8 oz soy milk; 1 ½ oz mozzarella cheese; 8 oz low-fat Yogurt.


1 medium apple; ½ medium mango; 1 cup apricots; 1 medium nectarine; 1 medium banana; 1 large orange; ¼ medium Cantaloupe; ½ medium papaya; 1 cup cherries; 1 medium peach; 1 oz dried fruit; 1 medium pear; 6 oz fresh-squeezed juice; 1 cup (raspberries, blueberries or blackberries); 1 medium grapefruit; 2 cups sliced strawberries; 1 cup grapes; 1 medium tangerine; 1 cup kiwi; 1 cup watermelon.


1 cup cooked vegetables = 50 calories 2 cup leafy green = 50calories

Asparagus; Lettuce; beets; Marinara sauce; Bok choy; Mushrooms; Broccoli; Peas; Brussel sprouts; Peppers; Cabbage; Spinach; Carrots; Sprouts; Cauliflower; Squash; Celery; String beans; Collar greens; Tomatoes; Cucumber; Low sodium V8 juice; Eggplant; Vegetable soup; Kale

Condiments: 2 tbsp = 50 calories = 1 serving

Low-fat dressings, BBQ sauce, marinades, mustard, honey, pure fruit jams.

Below is a sample cardiac diet to follow:

3 servings of protein, 3 servings fruit, 3 servings of vegetables, 1 serving of dairy, 1 serving of fat, 4 servings of carbohydrates and 3 servings of condiments per day.

Add in a dash of exercise and presto a cardiac diet is born, all tailored to your needs.

Eating healthy low-fat foods is easy to do. Not eating unhealthy foods is even easier. Everyone knows what not to eat, but they do it anyways. People have their reasons why they eat unhealthily and there are a lot of excuses. One excuse is having no time; people will often say “I have no time to prepare healthy foods, so I have to eat out”.

I work 12-hour shifts and when I get home I help look after 3 active children and I exercise regularly 6 times a week! I do most of the cooking and I have time to make healthy foods it takes no effort these days to look on the computer for recipes and bingo you’re trying something healthy.

If you need to know what not to eat, here it goes… Don’t eat deep-fried, skin on, fat soaking prepared food. In essence, prepare your own food don’t rely on others to prepare it for because you don’t know what is in it! If you have to eat out once in a while try to keep the fat content around 2.5 grams or less, no cream-based sauces and lots of vegetables on the side and choose foods with low sodium content.

Use the sample cardiac diet as a guide, to help you on a journey of wellness. If you can make an effort to eat right 90% of the time your body will love you for it and you are ahead of the rest of the world as far as eating healthy.


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