f I were to describe my relationship with high heels, I’d say “it’s complicated.”

When I first put them on, they look beautiful and lovely, making me feel like I can take on the world. An hour later, they are a punishment from hell living on my feet. I curse the moment I thought I could wear them all day!

MAY 26, 201702:13

So when I heard about a trick that’s supposed to make heels less painful, I had to try it. I figured it can’t make them worse, right?

All you have to do is tape your third and fourth toes together before putting on heels. This is supposed to relieve some of the pressure on the nerve between those two toes that causes most of the pain.

TODAY Style spoke to podiatrist Dr. Megan Leahy before testing out this hack to see if that’s actually true.

“Taping toes together is not a treatment we employ in podiatry, but I was pretty impressed by the anecdotes I’ve heard about this,” Leahy said. She mused that the tape may also shift how women walk and distribute weight on their feet, which could help relieve pressure, too.

Personally, I was doubtful.


I wrapped 1-inch-wide skin tape snugly around my third and fourth toes two times on each foot (you can use scotch tape instead, but I wouldn’t recommend it). Looking down at my wiggling toes, I was convinced that this tape wouldn’t stay on throughout the day.

Full disclosure: I live and work in New York City. Can tape really outlast my commute?

high heels, test drive, high heels hack
Would taping my toes together make heels more comfortable? I was doubtful.TODAY

On a normal day, I wear flats on my way to work and change into heels once I get into the office. I’ve learned that wobbling up and down several flights of stairs and dealing with subway crowds while in pain isn’t the best way to start the day.

But in the name of the experiment, I decided to give my heels a shot and prayed I wouldn’t fall on my face. As it turns out, I (somehow) gracefully got up and down the stairs without a problem; no wobbling or pain either.

high heels hack, high heels, test drive
Success! Made it up and down the subway stairs without falling. Hey, it’s harder than it sounds.TODAY

Since it was a beautiful day (and I wanted to put this trick to the test) I made my way to Central Park to take in the greenery. My goal was stroll around and check out the B. C. which has a seriously long flight of stairs. Gulp.

I was able to walk down the center of the stairs without holding a railing at all. In fact, I noticed that I was significantly less wobbly and had more control and balance with each step.

I felt good. Actually, I felt great. My feet weren’t aching after all of that walking and it barely felt like I had heels on. So far, so good!

high heels hack, high heels, test drive, style
After a walk around the park, I was still feeling good.TODAY


After a full morning of exploring (about three hours), it was time for lunch. I stopped at Times Square to grab a hot dog — all while standing.

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