Did you knew that the shape of your face can reveal a lot about your personality.
In Chinese reading, our chin can definitely show our characteristics so continue reading and find out more about you and your character:

Square Chin

  • Square chin indicate that you are quite stubborn, aggressive and direct.You are unable to sugar coat your words and are bad at expressing yourself which often offends other people.

Short Or Narrow Chin

  • Is a sign for intellectual and sharp-minded people.But bad at self-introspection, critical and neurotic as well.

Long Chin

  • Always loyal and able to make friends easily.You are blessed to have a big happy family and a lot of relatives that love you.
  • There are people around you always and you will live happy and peaceful life.

Receding Chin

  • If you have receding chin then you are easygoing, have great luck with money,and you are most likely very popular.
  • The only bad thing is that you are very indecisive.

Protruding Chin

  • If you have this form of chin you are most probably a workaholic and self-confident.
  • And when it comes to showing emotions you are warm on the inside but cold on the outside.

Round Chin

  • If you have round chin you are extremely optimistic and deeply emotional.
  • According to the old Chinese saying, you are someone who works hard in earlier life so that you can enjoy good happiness later in life.



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