In present, are numerous tricks, natural or not, to obtain clean and beautiful clothes. Sometimes it’s hard to remove some stains. Do you want to have clean clothes that will not electrify with no trace of stain?

Here is an amazing trick. Let’s see how it works.

Taking care of our clothes is important, and how we wash them is more important. If you would like to extend the life of your clothes and look better on long term, try simple tricks, like this one, and you will be pleased.

Well, you have to implement a very simple trick. Using aluminum foil, form three balls and put them in the washing machine. These will increase detergent efficiency and eliminate electrification. 

Thus, besides saving money, you will always have clean and soft laundry, without the use of expensive chemical balsams or detergents that don’t offer you the expected results. Try this trick and you will surely notice the differences.


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