What do women really want in bed? What REALLY turns her on? Does she have deep, dark sexual fetishes she’s not telling you about? Does she secretly fantasize about an old boyfriend or lover who did that “one thing” better than anyone else? Is she faking it… or do those loud noises REALLY mean you turn her on? Any of these questions sound familiar?

IF you are anything like the millions of men who have enjoyed our articles on love, lust and the art and science of sensational sex, the good news is, you are NOT alone. Let’s take a look at 5 things that many women secretly tell us they WISH men knew about great sex… but won’t tell, even when asked! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Staying power is over-rated

How so? While many women DO appreciate a man who has sensational stamina in the sack, the idea that you’ve got to go all night is NOT what most women consider a turn on. As a matter of fact, when it comes to endurance, it seems that moderation is key. Too long can be painful and even boring for some… while if you climax too quickly, obviously that’s not going to get her over the hump as well. A good goal? 30 minutes of great sex is far better than 3 hours of mediocrity!

Communication is key

How so? Women REALLY know what we want. We know what we like, what feels great, and what sexy spots to stimulate to make it happen. The problem? Most men are too stubborn to ask! There is nothing worse than being close to climax, but not being able to get there because our partner won’t simply ASK us what feels good, or what will get us to orgasm. Not only is this a great way to find out what specifically turns HER on, it’s also very sexy in of its own. Even better? Women rate communication during sex very strongly relative to the biggest turns on we have during sex as well.

No staged sex

In other words, if you saw it in a porno… and think it’s a good idea, it’s probably not. Women intuitively understand when a man is mimicking something he’s seen in a movie, or an online role playing scenario, and in real life, this is NOT the way to a woman’s heart, head or body.

Sensitivity is sexy

Do some women like rough and wild sex? Absolutely! But her body, as a general rule is far more delicate than yours, especially in her most sensitive spots. Take care to go slow, sensual and with great attention to her erogenous zones, and you’ll have a wild woman on your hands who can’t get enough.

Size DOES matter

And for a variety of reasons. Most women can’t climax during intercourse with a man who is not able to reach her “inner” erogenous zone, as these are located deeper in the body than a smaller anatomy can reach. The same is true when it comes to circumference size and penile girth, as the wider a man is, the more easily he can stimulate the nerve centers closer to the surface of her body as well. Lastly of course, many women find just the appearance of size to be a sign of great masculinity and power, and for some of us, that alone is enough!

Of course, as with all of the above ideas, every woman is different and the key is, if you don’t know for sure… ask!

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