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So you’re ready to welcome a new addition to your family but still don’t want to give up your love of backpacking? Well, there are ways that you can still practice the sport without hurting you or your baby. In this article, I will give you 3 tips for women who want to backpack while pregnant.

  1. Consult your OBGYN before you head out

The first person you should consult is your OBGYN. He will be able to tell if you should be backpacking or not depending on your condition and how far along you are in your pregnancy. If you’re not having a difficult pregnancy or if you’re an experienced hiker, then your ob should give you the green light. However, in certain conditions he may not. Per instance, if you’re doing high altitude hiking, your ob might advise against it as it may pit your life and your baby’s life at risk. He may also give you advice to facilitate your trip or indication as to what to wear and eat during the trip.

  1. Take it easy on the trail

This piece of advice is very important, especially if you’re an experienced backpacker. You will absolutely have to readjust your expectations, rhythm and choice of terrain if you’re a pregnant backpacker. First of all, you should avoid steep hikes and go for flatter terrain. Steep inclines aren’t really a problem, but the way down may be difficult, especially if you’re heavy. You might cause excessive stress on your joints and cause injuries. You should also absolutely avoid rocky terrain as it may increase the chances of a fall.

  1. Choose the right equipment

Since you are carrying extra load, you should be extra careful with which type of equipment you bring along. First of all, you should switch your heavy hiking boots for lighter hiking shoes. You should also invest in a pair of good hiking poles which will add stability and put less stress on your joints.

There you have it, three essential tips for a good pregnant backpacking experience. Just make sure to pack light, choose the right equipment and readjust your expectations. Also make sure to consult a professional before you head out so he can give you recommendations and advice for a safe trip. If you follow these simple suggestions, you and your little one will have an awesome and safe time on the trails.


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