Hair serums are considered a miracle solution for dry, rough and frizzy hair. It is a popular hair product for women, especially who are in jiffy! It transforms your dull, unmanageable hair into shiny and silky tresses within few seconds. Hair serum is a silicone-based product that coats your hair, making it look shiny. Let’s have a look at the myriad benefits of hair serums.

Protects from damage:

Hair serum not only keeps your hair tangle free but also it protects hair from damages. Forming a protective layer on your hair against the harmful exposure to the UV rays of sun, and also against harmful chemicals, hair serum protects your tresses. It acts as a shield to hair, preventing dullness and dryness.

Gives your hair luster appearance:

By applying a layer of good hair serum, you can give some life to your dull and damaged hair. It removes tangles and gives our hair a healthy sheen.

Style hair effortlessly:

Excessive use curling rod and heating iron, rips the moisture off your hair. Hair serum is mainly used to style your hair while keeping away the damaging side effects to hair. Apply hair serums before using styling tools to prevent hair from being over heated. A good hair serum adds moisture back in your tresses that was taken out by the hot styling tools.

Conditions hair:

Hair serum works as a goo conditioner for your hair. While oil makes hair greasy, serum keeps your hair smooth and resilient. It controls frizzy hair and rough hair.

Helps reduce hair loss:

Hair serum containing vitamins, notable antioxidants and minerals etc makes your hair healthy and prevents hair loss.
Types of hair serum:

From styling hair serums, volumizing serums, nourishing hair serum to anti hair loss serum, you can find different type of hair serum in market. There are mainly two types of hair serum are very popular. One is used for styling purpose, while the other one hydrates and nourishes the hair. The anti hair loss serums like Wella SP  Balance Scalp Energy Serum is formulated to control excess hair loss and boost new hair growth. Infused with several vitamins, minerals, caffeine, antioxidant these and other ingredients these anti hair loss and nourishing hairserums helps to maintain healthy hairand boost new hair growth.

How to apply?
Hair serum works best on clean hair. After towel drying your hair, spread coin-sized dollop of hair serum on your palm and run it along your hair strand. While styling serums are not meant to be used on scalps, there are various premium quality serums available in market that are used to energies your scalp and help accelerate hair growth.
Available in the form of sprays or liquids, this magical product also acts as a conditioner to hair, making your tresses shiny and soft. But if you have any kind of hair problem, it’s always better to consult a good expert before choosing.

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