Homemade Spa Treatments

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Spa products have become quite expensive and the worst part of it is that they never last long. Often, you feel cheated enough after spending so much money on a commercial spa product only for it to finish after several uses. Furthermore, the ever lengthening list of ‘funny’ ingredients used in the commercial production of these spa products is worrying.

Considering this, you don’t have to keep buying products that are disappointing. This is the best time to begin making your own natural homemade spa treatments. Homemade spa recipes are increasingly gaining popularity because people are finding it easy to create their own beauty products in the comfort of their homes using tried and true ingredients that are known for their benefits to the skin. Check out our top picks that you will love preparing at the comfort of your home:

Revitalizing Coco Face Mask

Facial masks are must haves for any beauty routine if you want to keep your skin looking smooth and well hydrated. The good news is that you can make healthy and natural face masks at home with edible ingredients that you already have at home! Here’s how you can make your very own revitalizing coco face mask.

For this homemade spa treatment, you will need:

  • A half cup of natural cocoa powder
  • 4 tablespoonfuls of ground oatmeal
  • A half cup of natural honey
  • 4 tablespoonfuls of cream
  • 2 tablespoonfuls of kaoline/ white clay

Put together all the above ingredients in a big, non-reactive bowl and stir until you get a consistency and color appears. With the use of your hands, combine all the powdery ingredients and do not stop mixing until the speckled hues disappear.

When you get a consistency that looks like what is usually found in most commercial face masks, then it’s time to stop mixing your homemade spa treatment. Scoop some of the consistency and spread it evenly on your face, neck and the area around your eyes.

Leave it on for about thirty minutes before you can rinse it off. Thoroughly rinse the revitalizing coco face mask with lukewarm water and finish off your facial cleansing with splashes of cold water. If you do not like the coco smell, you can use hypoallergenic soap to reduce it.

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